All about English Leather Rose..

The English Leather Rose Company is based on board 'Froth on The Daydream'.

I craft all of my 'English leather roses' from my home on our narrow boat which is currently moored in the East Midlands. We base ourselves in a marina for the winter months but meander the English inland waterways in the summer months.

Whilst living afloat in 2004 I first developed my original design for a long stem leather rose. I've always loved leather and roses and it was just a small step to combine my passions. I founded the English leather rose company in 2005 and  I've been sending my leather roses all over the world ever since. What started as hobby has now taken over my life! But I love what I do and I've enjoyed watching many relationships blossom: From a red leather rose for Valentines Day, a bespoke leather rose wedding bouquet and then a trio of leather roses to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary. Many of my loyal customers collect a new rose each year to celebrate their lives together.

Whilst leather roses are a contemporary product, there is an echo of the ‘roses and castles’ tradition of the English canals which prizes authenticity and manual skill. 

I purchase all of my skins from a long established leather merchant in Northamptonshire who also pride themselves on their top quality lambskins. A single leather rose takes me nearly an hour to complete: I cut out every petal by hand and every wired leaf is individually handmade. I've had quite a lot of practice over the last 11 years! And pride myself on the quality and consistency of my leather roses. I never compromise on quality.

Louise Hugill

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